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Charlottesville Middle School Mascot Finalists: Share Your Feedback

Posted Date: 4/18/24 (2:53 PM)

Entrance to Charlottesville Middle School (Rendering)
Charlottesville Middle School needs a new mascot!  Thanks to the strong feedback we received from more than 1000 people on a survey this fall, we have our finalists: 
  • Black Knights
  • another type of Knight;
  • the Chargers; 
  • and the Monarchs. 
Love these ideas? Hate these ideas? Let us know by the end of the month! We'll be asking students to give feedback, too.

The school colors will be orange and black to make sure that school gear and swag lasts longer. 

A committee of staff and students will review the feedback and recommend the next steps!

You can find more info and sample images below and when you take the survey.

Images associated with chargers: lightning blots, elecetricity, arrows moving forward, and a knight's horse

Ideas and images related to chargers: 

A charger conveys energy, power, and forward motion. The "charger" is also a word for the horse a knight rides. The first four letters of Chargers match those of Charlottesville.

images associated with monarchs: crowns, royal flags, chess pieces, kings and queens on playing cards. Also shows a different type of monarch, the monarch butterfly.

Ideas and images related to monarchs:

Monarchs are leaders, like kings and queens. They are associated with honor, power, and responsibility. Monarchs are also the beautiful orange and black butterfly we see at some times of year in Charlottesville.

CHS Black Knight logos

The current CHS logos:

In many communities with one high school and one middle school, the schools share a logo to build community and pride. On our fall survey, some people wanted the middle schoolers to be "Black Knights"; others liked the idea of using the knight but wanted a variation for the middle school, like the "young knights" or the "orange knights."